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Ok here are the rules to join READ them CAREFULLY.
You must:
Remember this! - Most C4 and CG Squads will require these to join... they are needed to communicate easily.

1. Have a Joystick For Comanche Gold. A mouse is permitted on C4 matches.
2. Have a valid e-mail so I can e-mail you back!
3. Use your computer regularly (we have people sign up and never get back on)
4. Have MSN Messenger or Roger Wilco (Roger Wilco lets you talk to eachother vocally over the internet)
                           You can get roger wilco by clicking here or get MSN Messenger by clicking here

If you don't fit these qualifactions you will never get emailed don't fill out this form.
Our e-mail: and
If you get a letter from superwally don't delete it unless you don't want to join our squad if you do have a e-mail address you will be added to msn messanger (this makes it easier to contact eachother)

First Name:
Type of JoyStick:
Does your JoyStick twist?
Do you have Rudder Petals?
What type of Comanche?Comanche Gold
Comanche 4
Comanche Platinum